Hunter HA-8 AutoSwing operator

Quality Construction – The Autoswing Solid Cast housing construction and superior internal components provide the strength and durability needed for high frequency traffic.

Advanced Technology – The Autoswing Door operators have been engineered to open doors for the disabled and elderly. The one way clutch allows the door to be opened manually with incredible ease. The Auto swing incorporates a concealed heavy-duty adjustable door stop, therefore eliminates the need for external stops. The Auto swing is equipped with an adjustable heavy-duty spring and 1/8th H.P motor. Because of these features, the Auto swing can be used to operate larger, heavier doors in windy conditions.

Quiet Operation – The Autoswing door operators are noise free in both automatic and manual mode for a pleasant, consumer friendly environment.

Easy Installation – The Autoswing operator requires only simple procedures for fast, trouble free installation. The Autoswing is also easily retrofitted to existing doors or new construction without major renovation.

Reliability – The Autoswing is Canadian made and designed specifically for our weather conditions. The combination of superior construction and technology make the Autoswing door operators the most reliable in the market.

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Hunter HA-8 AutoSwing operator

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