Mircom TX3-TOUCH-F15 Touch Screen Flush Mount

Touch Screen Telephone Entry Systems

Mircom offers the most comprehensive line of telephone entry products in the industry – from traditional LCD alphanumeric directory displays to the largest selection of touch screens to perfectly fit any site.The panels are available in all forms of mounting including flush, surface, gooseneck and a stand-alone kiosk style.All panels have:

Multiple General Purpose Inputs/Outputs for Door Control, Elevator Control, and Lighting Control
Multi-language support; French and English are provided and a language editor allows all text to be translated into other languages
Integrated advertising module offsets capital costs and generates recurring revenue for the property
Configurable themes, screens and layouts allows customization to any decor
Remotely programmable for maintenance and directory updates
22″ touch entry panel features a built in proximity reader and a high definition IP camera

Flush Screen Features

The TX3-Touch Series also includes flush mount enclosures for indoor wall mount applications. The unit have the same features as the kiosk version and the stylish faceplate is designed to blend with virtually any lobby décor.

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