Mircom TX3-TOUCH-S22

Introducing North America’s largest integrated surface mount touch screen telephone access system.

Mircom’s 22” Touch Surface Mount Telephone Access System is designed to provide a visually stunning and intuitive user-experience.

The system brings a number of innovative new features to provide a fully customizable solution for occupant and visitor access control in condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings.

The 22” full color touch display provides ultra-wide viewing angles, which is sure to impress visitors & occupants alike.

The solution runs a reliable and proven Windows-based operating system to offer the most feature rich system on the market. For ADC/NSL telephone interconnectivity, the system uses Mircom’s custom interface modules, successfully installed in thousands of buildings across the globe.


  • 22” full color touch display provides ultra-wide viewing angles, sure to impress visitors & occupants alike
  • Call buttons and a scrolling name directory make for an intuitive call interface
  • Constructed of heavy gauge 304 stainless steel with a #4 brushed finish for a durable and neutral finish that works perfectly with any décor
  • Interior can conveniently house an optional Card access controller, high definition IP camera, and an optional postal lock are available and can be conveniently housed. Using TIA/EIA-485, multiple panels can be connected for up to 63 nodes, including: card access, voice entry and/or elevator restriction cabinets
  • Allows for easy customization using four fully configurable themes (color & font), 4 preset themes, 4 screen layout templates, as well as a configurable Welcome Screen
  • Includes three built-in keyboard layouts (Full QWERTY, Full QWERTY + Num pad, or Simple)
  • Standard Wiegand interface for card readers provides a large selection of readers
  • Help button activates a video for easy instructions to the visitor
  • An e-mail feature allows visitors to leave private messages for occupants
  • Supports both Auto Dialer (ADC) and No Phone Bill (NSL)
  • Elevator restriction capability is available for buildings requiring a higher level of security
  • Variety of programming options available via built-in USB or Ethernet ports, as well as modem and COM-to-RS485 modules to meet your specific site requirements
  • Optional revenue generating advertising module available
  • Whisper quiet fan-less operation
  • Easily load media content via built-in USB Interface or TCP/IP for advertising or greeting message in JPG, GIF, SWF, WMV and MPEG file formats
  • Industry Canada and F.C.C. approved

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