Zwipe Access

Zwipe access credential

Enhancing security of contactless credentials with on-card fingerprint technology

With the Zwipe Access card, you can upgrade your existing access control solution to biometrics immediately and with little effort. With on-card enrollment and authentication, the card is unique to the user and only the authorized card holder can activate card communication with the reader. This means no more lending or borrowing of ID badges and a dramatic reduction in security concerns related to lost or stolen ID credentials.

No biometric exchange of data is conducted with external systems providing secure template management, eliminating integration, management and protection of a fingerprint database. Plus, privacy is maintained, no fingerprint is capture or retained by the issuing organization.

Proven and reliable technology: Delivers consistent and accurate fingerprint reads in 1 second

Secure: Unique to the cardholder, only the card owner can activate card communication with the reader

Privacy enhancing and safe: Biometric data is stored on the card, eliminating the need to manage and secure an external database with fingerprint data.

Durable: Strong and resistant to cracking or breaking

Cost-effective: On-card authentication provides easy path to upgrade security without upgrading readers



  • Directly addresses unauthorized card use and reduce fraud related to lost or stolen cards.
  • Secure and intuitive biometric 2-factor authentication, without upgrading readers
  • Compatible with many 13,56 MHz and 125 kHz RF readers.
  • On-Card fingerprint touch sensor with 3D capacitive technology for superior imaging.
  • Supports PIN-based systems allowing for 3-factor authentication.
  • Addresses privacy concerns with on card biometric data storage.


Power Source: CR2032 Replaceable battery (ca. 3000 card usages in room temp)

Form Factor: Clamshell design with slot for lanyards

Dimensions: 85.6mm x 54mm x 8 mm (LxWxH) / 3.370 in x 2.125 in x .31 in (LxWxH)

Weight: 21g (0.74 oz)

Operational Frequency: 125kHz & 13.56 MHz

Certifications and Approvals: CE & FCC

Status Indicators: Green and Red LED lights

Supported RF Transponders: HID 125 kHz and HID iClass® compatible, Atmel 5577, Mifare® Classic, DESFire™ EV1, Legic Advant

Construction: PVC

Operating Temperature: (-20° to 40° C) (-4° to 104° F)

Status Indicators: Green and Red LED lights

Fingerprint Enrollment: Direct on-card

Fingerprint Sensor: 3D capacitive array with ESD protection. Test to 10 million scans

Fingerprint Processing Time: Ca. 1 sec

Users Per Card: One user – (finger deletion not supported as a standard option)

Printing / Personalization: Adhesive labels (i.e. HID-1324GAV11) – Printable in CR-79 compatible card printers

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