Theft. Shrinkage. Liability. Very real threats in the retail arena.

Our loss prevention products are specifically designed with the unique challenges of retailers in mind. Although personnel and training have a role to play in combatting shrinkage, we know that the right products can dramatically strengthen retail security while making systems easy to manage, integrate and expand.

In the event of fast paced staff turnover, we can provide methods that allow the retail manager to instantly change the key system without the need for special skills. This program functions seamlessly within the parameters of master key systems.

Cabinet locks, exit door alarms and padlocks will eliminate much of the loss exposure associated with shrinkage. However, no retail security solution is complete without full compliance with building and fire code, which can mitigate liability and ensure the safety of all visitors to the store.

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Detex V40 Exit Alarm with 9V Battery Option (EB)

Detex EAX500 Battery Powered Door or Wall Mount Exit Alarm

Detex ECL230 Exit Control Hardware

Medeco LFIC

Medeco3 Logic LFIC

Medeco Logic LFIC

Medeco X4 SFIC

Medeco System Series Padlock

Medeco G8R Series Padlock

Medeco³ Logic Padlock

Medeco Logic Padlock

Medeco Maxum Deadbolt

Medeco³ Rim & Mortise

Medeco³ Logic Rim & Mortise

Aperio Cabinet Lock

Aperio Mortise Cylinder

Medeco³ Showcase Lock

Simplex 5000

Simplex 1000

Simplex L1000

Simplex 8100

Simplex 3000

Paradox Digiplex EVO High Security & Access Systems

Axis M10 Surveillance Kits

Axis M2014-E Network Camera

Uscan Depository Safe – FL2813-C

Uscan Depository Safe – FL3020-C

Uscan Depository Safe – FL3914-CC

Uscan Depository Safe – FL3920-CC

Uscan Depository Safe – RH2014-C

Uscan Depository Safe – UC8612-C

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