It is our hope that this exposure to our company will invoke the confidence you need to determine the best available options in the sensitive field of facility security.

It has been our mandate, these past eighty-three years, to develop a team of experts who can consistently deliver effective and relevant solutions. We continuously pursue the evolving methods which address those security issues that challenge us in the workplace and at home.

This process has forged our company to become a uniquely satisfying source for the fulfillment of the complete solution equation. From traditional mechanical to leading edge electronic technology, from coast to coast…one call.

While the magnitude and scope of our business has grown, many of the basic values evident in Raymond Doyle’s vision when he founded ABC Locksmiths in 1938 are still with us today. Then, as now, customer service, professionalism, and a pride in one’s work were paramount.

Our mission, like our values, remains much the same: to be the premier source of products and services that meet the security needs of our customers. However, while back in 1938 excellent security meant excellent locksmiths, today it means that and much more. New technologies, techniques, and skills offer customers many new options.

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