A challenging array of applications is met by an equally impressive range of unique security devices.

We are able to address virtually any unusual circumstance by drawing upon our experience with the hundreds of products available. Keyless camlocks, rekeyable padlocks and WiFi-enabled cabinet locks are just a few of the specialized products we offer to help clients overcome these unique security challenges. By carrying only the most reliable brands—including Medeco, Abus and Kaba—we can deliver the highest level of security and convenience in the area of electronic and mechanical locking devices.

If a standard solution just won’t do, you can rely on our custom approach to resolve what may, at first glance, appear to be unsolvable.

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Abus Padlock – Brass 65 Series

Abus Padlock – Rekeyable Brass 83/45 Series

Abus Padlock – Rekeyable Weatherproof 83WP Series

Medeco³ Cabinet Locks

Medeco³ Showcase Lock

Medeco³ Plunger Lock

Medeco XT Cabinet Locks

Medeco Logic Cabinet Lock

Medeco Logic Showcase Lock

Medeco Logic Plunger Lock

Medeco Micro Switch Lock

Medeco Rotary Switch Lock

Medeco T-Handle Cylinder

Medeceo Removable Plug Lock

Medeco T Handle

Medeco Logic T-Handle Cylinder

RCI 3510 Compact Cabinet Lock

RCI 3525 Electronic Locking Rack Handle

RCI 909MO Rocker Switch

CompX Network Temperature Monitoring eLock

National Cabinet Locks

Timberline Removable Lock Plug System

Kaba-Ilco 9600 Series Cabinet Locks

Abus Security Bars

CompX Network Cabinet eLock

CompX Cabinet eLock

CompX Refrigerator eLock

CompX StealthLock – Cabinet Lock

CompX DualAxess Camlock

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