Designed for the most security-sensitive environments, our high security and commercial hardware combines pick- and drill-resistant locks with keys that can never be copied without authorization.

This superior level of protection is made possible by products such as mortise locks and electronic keypad and mechanical deadbolts, which far exceed the security afforded by standard-grade hardware.

“High Security” describes the total package. This state is often achieved through the layering of physical prevention, controlled access, surveillance by camera and intrusion alarm with comprehensive reporting software for history audit purposes.

High Security is achieved by ensuring that the correct caliber of device is specified. In applications that are subject to extreme traffic flow or demanding physical site conditions, heavy duty architectural grade solutions are needed to guarantee secure function without compromise.

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Yale Accentra – Multi-Family Lock Solutions

Yale nexTouch Keypad Lock

Yale 5400LN Series Lever Locks

Yale 4600LN Cylindrical Lock – Lever Type

Yale 8800 Series Mortise Locks

Yale 1100 Series Industrial Door Closers

Yale 2700 Series Architectural Door Closers

Yale 5800 Series Cast Iron Door Closers

Yale 6000 Series Exit Device

Yale 2100 Series Exit Device

Arrow DB Series Deadbolt

Arrow MLX Series Cylindrical Lever

Sargent 8200 Lever Mortise Lock

Sargent 8700 Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device

Medeco High Security Commercial Deadbolt Locks

Medeco X4 SFIC

Medeco Rim and Mortise cylinders

Medeco Key-in-Knob cylinders

Simplex 5000

Simplex 1000

Simplex L1000

Simplex 8100

Simplex 3000

Arrow Pointe Small Format Interchangeable Core

Arrow Management Control Deadbolt

Ultra-Vision Safety Surveillance Mirrors

Adams Rite Glass / Aluminum Door Hardware

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