Intercom systems are an excellent way to remotely identify and authorize individuals requesting access to your premises, whether an office building, apartment or other kind of facility in need of advanced access control.

Wired intercom systems enable users to communicate instantly within large facilities. Panic alarm switches, video cameras and remote signalling of electronic devices are some of the many features that can be incorporated into the system that suits your application.

Auto-dialer intercom systems utilize a dedicated telephone line to communicate between intercom panel and suite. An auto-dialer system will dial any number assigned to an individual located on the directory (e.g. cell phone, pager, land line etc.).

NPL (No Phone Line) intercom systems utilize a series of relay outputs interfaced with an existing commercial or residential telephone system. NPL intercom systems require virtually no maintenance and do not have an ongoing monthly cost typically associated with a registered telephone line.

Many of our intercom systems allow users to remotely release door locks installed throughout the facility, and can be interfaced with card access and digital surveillance systems. Mircom, Doorguard and Aiphone are just a few of the manufacturers of intercom systems we are proud to carry at ABC Security.

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Mircom TX3-TOUCH-S22

Mircom TX3-TOUCH-F22

Doorguard Economy Series

Doorguard 7000 series

Doorguard 8000 Series

Doorguard 5000 Series

Mircom TX3-120U Surface Mount – Hooded Universal

Mircom TX3-120C Standard Flush – Continental

Mircom TX3-200-8U Surface Mount – Hooded Universal

Mircom TX3-200-8C Standard Flush – Continental

Mircom TX3-1000-8U Surface Mount – Hooded Universal

Mircom TX3-1000-8C Standard Flush – Continental

Mircom TX3-2000-8U Surface Mount – Hooded Universal

Mircom TX3-2000-8C Standard Flush – Continental

Mircom TX3-200-4U Surface Mount – Hooded Universal

Mircom TX3-TOUCH-F15 Touch Screen Flush Mount

Mircom TX3-TOUCH-S15 Touch Screen Surface Mount

Aiphone Door Stations with Embedded Card Readers

Aiphone JF Series: Hands-free Colour Video Enhanced System

Aiphone JK Series: Hands-free Colour Video with PanTilt & Zoom

Aiphone JM Series: Handset Video Intercom with 7-inch Touchscreen

Aiphone JO Series: 7-inch Touch Button Video Intercom

Aiphone LEF Audio: Hands-free Selective Call System

Aiphone VC-M: Multi-Tenat Audio Entry System

Linear AE-500: Commercial Telephone Entry System – Two Doors

Linear AE1000Plus: Commercial Telephone Entry System with Access Control – Four Doors

Linear AE2000Plus: Commercial Telephone Entry System with Access Control – Four Doors, Large Screen

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