Doorguard 7000 series

The 7000 series is a complete lobby entry system with built-in full page electronic directory. It comes with a standard 1000 name capacity as well as a title page. Since it displays 20 names at a time, finding a name is quick and simple, unlike systems with 1 or 4 names per page.

The system can be ordered with two types of displays: The commonly used LCD which is a cost effective solution (for indoor use) or the superior EL (electroluminescent) display which is rugged, has a full viewing angle, long life and requires no contrast adjustment.

The cabinet is made from 16 gauge stainless steel similar to the ECONOMY series, and optional flush mounting kit.

The line includes models:

7210/LCD, 7210/EL (autodialers)
7250/LCD, 7250/EL (NPL lobby)
7010/LCD, 7010/EL (directory only)
7010/TR, 7210/TR (flush trim ring)

  • 1000 name capacity
  • 20 names per page
  • 25 characters per name field
  • Programmable title page with 18 lines
  • 30 characters per line
  • UPPER and lowercase fonts
  • 26 Pt. font size
  • SLIM or BOLD font selection
  • REVERSE screen option
  • Auto sorting by name or code
  • Program using a pc with RS232 link or
  • Program using an IBM PC/XT style keyboard

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