Doorguard 8000 Series

The 8000 series is a complete lobby entry system with built-in full page electronic directory. It comes with a standard 1000 name capacity as well as a title page. Since it displays 20 names at a time, finding a name is quick and simple, unlike systems with 1 or 4 names per page.

The system can be ordered with two types of displays: The commonly used LCD which is a cost effective solution (for indoor use) or the superior EL (electroluminescent) display which is rugged, has a full viewing angle, long life and requires no contrast adjustment.

The cabinet is made from anodized aluminum construction and can be matched to any lobby decor.

The line includes models:

8010/EL (autodialers)
8050/EL (NPL lobby)

  • 1000 name capacity
  • 20 names per page
  • 25 characters per name field
  • Programmable title page with 18 lines
  • 30 characters per line
  • UPPER and lowercase fonts
  • 26 Pt. font size
  • SLIM or BOLD font selection
  • REVERSE screen option
  • Auto sorting by name or code
  • Program using a pc with RS232 link or
  • Program using an IBM PC/XT style keyboard

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