Automatic doors provide safe and convenient access for anyone who is challenged by a manual door system.

Why choose automatic doors?
By design, automatic door openers provide easier, more convenient access than manual doors. The public’s overwhelming preference for automatic swing and sliding doors is growing exponentially. Industry research proves that consumers prefer automatic doors and expect to see them at hospitals, airports, hotels/motels, shopping mall entrances and retail stores.

CONVENIENCE: Automatic door openers enable easy access for all and instantly demonstrate to users that the establishment cares about their convenience.

SAFETY: As AAADM certified and trained technicians, we at ABC Security Access Systems comply with the new American National Standard for Power Operated Pedestrian Doors, ANSI A156.10. Our installation and repair services will ensure the consistent and safe operation of your automatic door system.

COST/VALUE AND ENERGY SAVINGS: Automatic doors that are correctly serviced and maintained practically pay for themselves in terms of convenience and energy savings. Automatic doors effectively reduce wasted energy in multiple ways and often significantly lessen annual heating and cooling costs.

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Optex Reaction Two – Microwave Door Sensor

Optex Pro-Swing Elite T – Active Infrared Sensor for Swing Doors

Norton 5800 Series ADAEZ PRO PLUS

Norton 5800 Series ADAEZ PRO

Besam SW100 low energy operator

Besam Powerswing low energy operator

Besam SW200i – Pedestrian operator – Surface mount

Besam SW200i – Pedestrian operator – Overhead Concealed

Hunter HA-8 AutoSwing operator

Camden Controls – Column 36″ & 9″ Push Plate Switches

Camden Controls – CM Series Round push plate switches

Camden Controls – CM Series Narrow push plate switches

Camden Controls – CM Series Square push plate switches

Camden Controls – CM Series surface & flush mount escutcheons

Camden Controls – Mounting Posts

Camden Controls – CM Series Aura Illuminated Push Plate Switch Kits

Camden Controls – Lazerpoint RF 915Mhz Wireless door control system

Camden Controls – 318Mhz narrow band wireless door control

Camden Controls – Restroom control kits

Camden Controls – CM Series keyswitches

BEA Sensors – The Bodyguard

BEA Sensors – The Eagle

BEA Sensors – The DK12

DoorKing MicroPlus RF Control

DoorKing MicroClick RF Control

Linear Multi-Code RF Receiver

Linear Multi-Code RF transmitter

SureWave Hands Free Switch

Optex Request to Exit sensor

Ranger RF controls

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