SureWave Hands Free Switch

Sure-Wave™ is recommended for use in barrier-free applications, restrooms, hospitals and clean rooms. Sure-Wave™ is also ideal for commercial and industrial applications where hands-free activation is desired, such as drive-up windows, and kitchen doors in restaurants. 


  • adjustable operating range 1”-26” 
  • Adjustable time delay 1 –5 seconds 
  • Fail-safe/non-fail-safe selectable 
  • On-board LED for ease of set-up (selectable on/off) 
  • Super-fast activation response <100ms 
  • 12/24 V AC/DC 
  • Excellent performance in all lighting conditions 
  • Fully shielded against EMI, line voltage spikes and noise 
  • 12/24V AC/DC operation 
  • Heavy duty 5 amp relay, for use with all automatic operators and electrified locks 
  • ROHS compliant 

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