Mircom TX3-TOUCH-S15B-WR

Mircom TX3 touchscreen intercom


  • Vandal resistant enclosure to endure high external impact 
  • 1600 nits high brightness display  
  • 15” color anti-glare, industrial grade, 6.4mm thick glass touch screen display  
  • Touch screen works under any weather condition – rain, snow and even when the user is wearing gloves  
  • Two locks for added security 
  • Bottom firing speaker is perfect for outdoor application 
  • Built-in TCP/IP capability for remote programming  
  • Built-in HD camera, and built-in proximity card reader for easy integration to access control panels  
  • Provision to add optional HD IP camera and postal lock (using external housing)  
  • Native integration with Access Control and Elevator Restriction units  
  • Multiple panels (unlimited using TCP/IP or up to 63 using RS-485) can be connected to a shared database  
  • Four fully configurable themes (color & font), 4 pre-set themes, and 4 screen layout templates  
  • Includes four built-in keyboard layouts (Full QWERTY, Full QWERTY + Num pad, Simple, or Accessible)  
  • Provision for a single door controller module for access control integration  
  • Intuitive interface with the option to add up to 7 categories for the resident database  
  • Voice or video-based help menu for ease of use  
  • Built-in e-mail resident feature  
  • Supports Auto Dialer (PSTN), No Phone Bill (NSL), and Voice over IP (SIP)  
  • Recurring revenue opportunities using the optional advertising module  
  • Easily load media content via built-in USB or TCP/IP interface. Supports JPG, GIF, SWF, WMV and MPEG file formats  
  • Industry Canada approved 


The TX3-Touch Series weather resistant unit is used for outdoor/indoor wall mount applications. The unit has a stylish face-plate designed to blend with virtually any lobby décor. 

Mircom’s TX3-Touch Series Telephone Access Systems are the most advanced visitor management and security systems available on the market today. 

The TX3-Touch Series weather resistant unit is designed to provide primary resident/visitor access control for condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings and industrial buildings. The large touch screen display in combination with a vandal and weather resistant enclosure is the perfect solution for a stand alone or an integrated access control system. 

The TX3-Touch Series unit allows building residents to communicate with visitors and grant or deny entry into a complex in multiple different ways – 

  • Video calls with the MiEntry application and Mircom provided SIP (VoIP) service 
  • Easy to reach the resident’s cell/land phone with PSTN phone line 
  • No monthly bills using NSL (non subscribers line) 
  • Email residents using touch screen display 

The touch screen works under any weather condition – rain, snow and even when the user is wearing glovesThe touch display can be fully customized to display residential or commercial building directory listings as well as promotional or site-specific information. In addition, the TX3-Touch Series has a built-in camera, proximity reader and provision for a postal lock (using external housing)card access controller (TX3-CX-1NP) and elevator restriction. 

The TX3-Touch Series weather resistant unit is constructed of a weather and vandal resistant display and enclosure. The unit can withstand high external impacts for many years. The TX3-Touch Series user interface is built on top of the Intel Atom architecture running a reliable and proven Windows-based operating system to offer the most feature rich system on the market. For ADC/NSL telephone interconnectivity, the system uses Mircom’s reliable interface modules sold to thousands of buildings around the world for over 25 years. 

We have identified some routers that are blocking Mircom provided SIP service with the TX3-Nano and all variations of the TX3-Touch units. The SIP calls will not work if you are using one of the below routers –
• D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N Router
• D-Link EBR-2310 Ethernet Broadband Router
• Greenwave G1100 Verizon Quantum (FIOS)

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