Medeco G8R Series Padlock

With its tough, weather resistant construction, this is the padlock of choice for extreme environments such as trailers, cargo containers, and gates. The Medeco® G8R body is constructed of solid stainless steel. You can choose from either a stainless steel shackle for maximum corrosion resistance, or hardened steel to withstand severe physical attack. Each padlock includes a weather seal cap attached by a cable.

The Medeco® G8R will accept either an electronic Medeco NX or mechanical t-handle cylinder. The mechanical cylinders provide the benefit of patented key control and pick resistance. The Medeco NX cylinder adds sophisticated audit and control features transforming the G8R into a portable access control system for extreme environments.

The Medeco® G8R padlock can be ordered with a variety of different cylinder technologies. To compare the mechanical features, see the below chart.

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