Vision Series Frames

Door frames

DW Frames – Dry-Wall

Drywall afterset profile. The DW is available in 18ga & 16ga.

  • DW 20ga – 1 3/8″ (Wood Door) Frames
  • DW 18ga for 1 3/4″ Doors
  • Stock 5 5/8″, 5 7/8″ Jamb Depth
  • Knock Down DW 16ga for 1 3/4″ Doors
  • Non Stock – Made on order
  • Engineered Options available


MAS/WD Frames – Masonry/Welded

Standard / Masonry profile frames. The MAS is available in 18ga, 16ga, 14ga, & 20ga.

  • 18ga, 16ga, 14ga
  • Stock – 16ga – 5 3/4″ JD (4 7/8″ Throat)
  • Engineered Options available


Adjustable Frames – Expandable

This profile has an adjustable wall thickness. This series extends and is set into place.

  • 16ga – Available in Small & Large
  • Small – 5 1/2″ JD to 8 3/4″ JD
  • Large – 8 3/4″ JD to 13 1/4″ JD


Flush Fit/Flush Fit KERF Frames

Flush frame profile fastens directly to the face of the wall. Requires a trim by others.

  • 18ga & 16ga
  • Made on Order


Welded Screens/Transoms/Windows

WD Series Frames are Vision’s welded frame program where frames are prepped and welded at the factory and shipped direct to site or to the distributor for immediate shipment. WD Series Frames are available in 18 GA or 16 GA and can be made as standard 3-sided frames or custom engineered windows, transoms, or screens/sidelights. WD Series Frames can also be fire rated up to 3/4 hours.

  • 16ga, 14ga
  • Sidelites, Screens, Windows, Transoms
  • Cut & Notch Program


Stick Material

  • 10 1/2″ Length Frame Material
  • Perimeters, Mullions, Centre Rails, Sills


Specialty Frames

  • Double Egress
  • Contra-Swing
  • Hospital Profiles

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