AWID LR/UHF Credentials

AWID credentials



  • Credentials may be used on cars, trucks and buses of all sizes, and on special vehicles (fire trucks, forklifts, motorcycles, golf carts, wheel chairs, gurneys).
  • For security, WS-UHF and RV-UHF tags rip apart when they are removed from their original positions.
  • For user convenience, all other tags and cards may be moved easily from one vehicle to another vehicle.
  • Credential type and mounting location must be consistent for all readers in a particular installation.
  • If used with a “HiLo” reader (dual antennas), credentials may be different types, in different locations, on different vehicle types.
  • CS-UHF and GR-UHF cards read on “LR” readers through driver’s window, and also on UA-612 reader for people access in buildings.


Technical Specifications


  • Vehicle-mounted tags: Use with the UHF long-range (“LR”) readers only.
  • Hand-held cards: Use with the UHF long-range readers, and also with the UA-612 reader.
  • UHF communications: Bi-directional between UHF readers and credentials
  • Excitation frequency: 865-868 MHz for the LR-2200 reader; 902-928 MHz for other UHF readers.
  • Read repetition rate: Set in the readers. For “LR” readers, rep rate is 3 reads per second (field-programmable to slower rates).
  • Code format types: Wiegand type for general use; other types on special order.
  • Code format options: Open codes – 26 bits and 37 bits. Proprietary codes – up to 50 bits.

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