Uscan Fire and Burglary Safe

Uscan FB Series safes provide formidable protection from both Fire and Burglary risks. FB series safes are factory tested to provide a fire protection rating of ninety minutes against 1750°F, ensuring valuables remain intact in the unfortunate event of a fire.
Burglary protection meets UL Residential Security Container (RSC) standards.

The Burglary protection starts with a massive 2” thick composite door and body, with multiple 1-1/2” locking bolts. Uscan is once again leading the industry by including a high security tempered glass plate relocking device as a standard feature. The relocking device is designed to instantly “relock” the safe, in the unlikely event that a burglar is able to compromise the safe lock.

FB Series safes come standard with a spy-proof UL listed Group II LAGARD mechanical combination lock. Numerous electronic lock upgrades are available with features including multiple user codes, event based audit trails and time delayed opening.

Uscan FB Series safes come equipped with removable wheels, to assist in moving the safe into its final position. As with all Uscan safes, anchoring hardware is included, and we strongly recommend any safe weighing less than 750 lbs be anchored to the floor, to prevent removal.

Uscan FB Series safes offer best in class protection for home or office needs at an affordable price!

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