Access Control Management Made Easy with Intercom Systems

Using intercom for building access

These days, many intercom systems incorporate multiple functions into one package, so your facility’s entryways can remain clutter-free without sacrificing security. As an added benefit, the all-in-one approach makes management easier—imagine having a single system that integrates video surveillance, audio communication and access control.

Residential buildings in particular can benefit from a system that both controls access and enables easy communication with visitors. But the versatility of modern intercom systems also makes them well suited to schools, industrial buildings, offices and healthcare facilities, among others.

On a practical level, bringing access control capabilities to an intercom system reduces the burden on security personnel. In some cases the integration of CCTV—with video fed directly to a particular unit or centralized location—can remove the need for onsite security personnel altogether.

The mere presence of an intercom outside can serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals, who see that you’re serious about security. For residents and building occupants, that same presence serves as peace of mind.

Considering an intercom system for your facility?

When narrowing down your list of options, it’s important to consider the unique needs of your facility and your specific application. For example, not all intercom systems offer access control or video capabilities. And of course some are designed specifically for interior use while others come with protection against weather, which makes them ideal for exterior use.

For more guidance, review our tips on choosing an intercom system. Or check out a few of our favourite intercoms for managing access control:

Mircom TX3-Touch F-22 Flush-Mount Touchscreen Telephone Access System

Mircom TX3-Touch F-22 telephone access system

Combining modern good looks and unparalleled ease of use, the Mircom TX3-Touch F-22 comes with a wide range of features that residents, occupants, visitors and facility managers will love.

It’s also the largest integrated flush-mount touchscreen telephone access system available in North America. A 22” colour display serves as a convenient and attractive welcome to any facility, while its access control capabilities add a reliable layer of security.

Residents and occupants can control access from inside via the telephone system. A built-in HD web camera enables video communication with the suite, for added peace of mind and security. If needed, visitors can also connect with onsite security personnel to gain access.

Adding a new user to the system is quick and easy. And since the system is outfitted with a proximity reader, facility managers have the option of using physical access credentials.

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Mircom TX3-1000-8C Electronic Directory Telephone Access System

Mircom TX3-1000 electronic directory telephone access sytem

Also from Mircom, the TX3-1000-8C telephone entry and building access system has a clean, understated design but still packs many valuable features. Visitors can connect with occupants through AutoDialer (ADC) or NSL (No Phone Bill), both of which are supported by the Mircom TX3.

Other access control components include a built-in proximity reader, security desk phone capability and even the ability to restrict elevator access. The event log stores up to 5000 records, so you can refer back to a specific entry for investigative purposes or just peace of mind.

The Continental model (pictured here) is designed for indoor use, though its heavy-gauge stainless steel enclosure provides added durability.

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Aiphone Door Station with Embedded Card Reader

Aiphone door station with card reader

The all-in-one approach of Aiphone’s solution combines three important components in a single small unit that’s easy to install.

Its built-in video camera, intercom and card reader work together to provide a versatile form of access control. For example, in the case of a missing or malfunctioning card, video or audio can still be used for verification purposes.

The Aiphone Door Station offers two types of card readers: The HID® ProxPoint® Plus and iCLASS® readers.

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Aiphone JO Series Video Intercom

Aiphone JO series video intercom

Complete with a 7” colour LCD screen, the Aiphone JO Series is designed for single-door applications and can accommodate up to two inside stations.

This touch-button video intercom allows for quick and easy identification of visitors at locked doors.  Using the door release button on the inside station, the occupant can unlock the door and provide access.

The Jo Series is best suited to offices, homes and other low-traffic entrances where basic access control capabilities are needed.

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