IP Video Surveillance and the Effectiveness of Analytics Software

security guards using video analytics software

From picture quality and built-in features to scalability and ease of installation, the merits of IP security cameras are well documented. These days, you can find a wide variety of helpful applications to extend the capabilities of your IP surveillance system even further.

Manufacturers such as Axis, WatchNET and D-Link enhance their surveillance products with analytics software designed to support a wide range of security and non-security related tasks.

Whether built in to the product or offered as an add-on solution, analytics software can be managed from an internet-connected device such as a desktop computer or smartphone.

In most cases you can also configure the software to send alerts when the camera identifies an event, such as an email notification to tell you when someone has parked in a no-parking zone or when motion has been detected after hours at your store.

This proactive approach frees up security staff to handle other tasks, while also enabling remote monitoring.

Essentially video analytics software lets you customize your surveillance system to suit your application.

Here’s a more detailed look at some of the most popular functions of video analytics software


  • Motion detection: Ideal for after hours or unattended areas, this triggers the camera to record activity in a predefined zone and send an alert. Capabilities vary by product, but you’ll want something that filters out most false alarms such as minor weather disturbances and small animals.
  • Facial recognition: This technology is used to serve a wide variety of purposes from recognizing return customers or black-listed individuals, to authenticating employees as part of an access control system.
  • People and object counting: For retailers, being able to measure customer volume and identify peak times can be invaluable. Analytics software makes it easier to schedule staff, track campaign performance, optimize in-store layout and much more.
  • Object classification: Sometimes it’s not enough to know how many, you need to know what’s being captured on camera. With outdoor applications in particular, it can be useful to set up notifications for a specific class of object such as a person, animal or type of vehicle.
  • Perimeter breach detection: This technology works hand-in-hand with on-site security staff, and is especially useful with large facilities. When an object or individual breaches a pre-drawn zone or line, security staff are alerted and can choose the appropriate response.
  • Loitering detection: As with perimeter breach detection, loitering events can be configured for a pre-defined area. However, in this case alerts are sent only when the object or individual remains within that area for a specified amount of time.
  • Autotracking: Autotracking is a convenient way to make a fixed camera more intelligent. With this software, the camera will automatically detect and track a moving object or series of moving objects in a low-traffic area.
  • Parking violations: Illegal parking is a common problem in high-density areas. Video analytics software aids parking enforcement by sending alerts whenever a vehicle stops in a no-parking zone, as defined by the user.
  • Tamper detection: Surveillance cameras can only do their job when their sightline is clear, so naturally you would want to know if someone were trying to obstruct it. Tampering alerts could also come into play in cases of a disconnection or violent movement of the camera.

As noted above, not all applications relate to security. Axis, for example, has developed a full suite of business intelligence applications available through its open platform. These are designed specifically to improve operational efficiency and the customer experience for retailers.

Thanks to the interoperability of IP security cameras, new video analytics applications are continually being developed to improve security, generate business intelligence and more.

If you’re thinking of enhancing your surveillance system with video analytics, ABC Security can help. We supply and install innovative products from leading names in IP security camera technology, video analytics software and more.

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