Cromwell Property Management

Who is our customer/what is their business:

Cromwell Property Management, Residential Rental Management

What was their concern/problem/nature of inquiry:

They wanted to implement a new master key system as they had lost control of access to their rental suites.

What did we offer them:

Upon inspection of the sites, we could see that some tenants had removed the building lock and had installed their own to prevent any emergency access to the suite by management. We recommended that management install new passage sets with a special application “management deadlock” offering a patented restricted key SFIC (removable core) cylinder which was provided master keyed and keyed differently for each individual suite. These special application deadlocks can only be removed from the door when the cylinder is removed from the lock with the special control key. Once the cylinder has been removed by management the mounting screws become accessible. Additionally, we installed security wrap plates to add strength to the door.

What was the result:

Management is now able to maintain the master key system and can have the superintendent change the key on a suite within seconds without having to call a locksmith. This is extremely convenient & cost saving for them as rental properties tend to have a high turnover of tenants each month. They also have a consistent look on the doors with the new hardware and plates.

To date, what is the client’s feedback:

The client is extremely happy and has initiated the same door hardware policy at some of their other sites.

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