University of Toronto

Who is our customer/what is their business:

University of Toronto

Large multi-campus post-secondary educational facilities.

What was their concern/problem/nature of inquiry:

The access hardware at the top security-critical buildings, such as dormitories, has high security mechanical cylinders with restricted keys. The client needed to upgrade the level of accountability to track and record the use of the master key when used to gain access. The existing hardware system did not have any ability to report this type of master key usage activity. The ability to track and record usage was required to minimize loss and/or liability.

What did we offer them:

Our recommendation was to install Medeco LOGIC eCylinders in these sensitive doors. This allowed the client to retro-fit the existing hardware with an electro-mechanical cylinder component. This “e-cylinder” can be programmed to control which individual master key holders are granted access privileges according to time zones. Individual key holders can have access privileges easily granted or denied without affecting other key holder privileges. All events, whether access is granted or denied, are recorded in a detailed audit trail useful for forensic purposes. This type of retro-fit can be made quickly and efficiently without the need to install expensive and disruptive cable runs to the central software control. User privileges are communicated by a web based interface directly to the key holder. This system also permits for the full integration of these master keys for use on standard, less sensitive doors.

What was the result:

The client approved our recommendation. The ease of installation and functionality has been seamless.

To date, what is the client’s feedback:

This solution has been fully embraced by the client with a projection for continuous system expansion to accommodate additional facility areas.

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