Royale Grande Property Management

Who is our customer/what is their business:

Royale Grande Property Management, Specializing in Condominium Property Management

Who is our customer/what is their business:

Royale Grande Property Management Ltd. is a full service solution provider for Condominium Corporation’s needs offering complete financial, administrative and physical management services.

What was their concern/problem/nature of inquiry:

Out of the extensive portfolio of Condominium properties that Royale Grande manages one of their properties stood out as an exceptional security threat. ABC Security was called in to evaluate, review & consult on the security needs of this three condominium building complex located in the northwest end of Toronto. These particular buildings are situated within a high crime rate location & historically have been the target of multiple theft, assault & vandalism scenarios.

What did we offer them:

ABC Security was awarded multiple facility surveillance contracts at this location over the course of the last 5 years that has to date resulted in surveillance camera installations in excess of over two-hundred (200) cameras.

What was the result:

Installations include coverage of the common element ground floor & basement level hallways, underground parking garage,resident entrance/exit doors & surrounding areas, resident hallways, garbage bin area, recycle rooms etc. The head-end video storage & management platform consists of a combination of network PC based technology coupled with more recently provided H.264 linux based embedded network video recorders. ABC Security has recently been awarded the contract to implement 1080P IP Megapixel camera installations to monitor primary driveway & building entrances of all three buildings. The incidents that drove this initiative have been reduced to a near 100% mitigation.

To date, what is the client’s feedback:

The client has planned for significant future expansion of IP Megapixel video technology at various exterior lot, perimeter & shared public lane way access as this area is undergoing extensive urban development.

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