T.M. Moffit Management

Who is our customer/what is their business:

T.M. Moffit Management Inc. – Commercial property management firm responsible for the day to day maintenance, security, administration & operations of the Munich Re Centre located on Bay Street.

What was their concern/problem/nature of inquiry:

The Munich Re Centre is a commercial office tower located in the heart of downtown Toronto. The client approached us initially to explore what options were available for restricting access to the public washrooms located at each tenant floor. There were several recurring incidents whereas unauthorized individuals would gain access to the washrooms & conduct themselves inappropriately or perform malicious activity.

What did we offer them:

It was mutually agreed upon that the PowerPlex line of self-powered digital locks that would fit the bill. These self-powered keyless electronic locks do not require batteries or other power sources. The lock generates its own power with every turn of the lever, making it the most efficient and versatile electronic lockset available with virtually no maintenance costs. Additionally, PowerPlex Locks require no wiring to or through the door, eliminating the risk of damage from pinched wires that can result in costly callbacks. Another feature that contributed towards the decision to move forward with this solution was that the mechanical key override feature could be offered in compliance with the existing base building master key program, making access seamless for building staff.

What was the result:

A cost effective & secure solution that not only addressed & resolved their unauthorized access issue but also played extremely well towards the buildings Green initiatives by cutting back on energy consumption thus reducing their carbon foot print.

To date, what is the client’s feedback:

Satisfied with the performance & technology features the client moved beyond the preliminary test stage that included a couple floors to a building conversion across all public washroom doors.

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