Five Signs Your Business Security System Could Use an Upgrade

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If there’s one thing that keeps most businesses from updating their physical security system, it’s cost. Or more accurately the perceived cost. When profit margins are thin and budgets are unpredictable, security can take a backseat to more immediate concerns like boosting sales.

But when does the cost of inefficient or outdated security equipment start to outweigh the cost of upgrading? And how do you know which areas offer the best value for your business?

We’ll try to help you answer those questions by highlighting five signs that your security system could be leaving your business vulnerable.

1. High Employee Turnover Means You’re Constantly Paying to Re-key Locks

Larger retailers such as supermarkets and big-box stores face unique security challenges. At the top of that list is high staff turnover, which makes it difficult to control access and manage security efficiently.

When relying on mechanical keys, a business can easily lose track of who has access to what at any given time. Re-keying locks offers a way to restore security, but this is only a temporary solution. And over time, a costly one.

So what options does your business have?

Depending on the size of your business and the nature of its physical security needs, you might find that a keypad or touchscreen lock offers the best solution. The use of access codes eliminates the need for individual keys, and when it’s time to add or delete a user, reprogramming is easy.

“Thirty percent of all burglaries are unlawful entry without force—meaning the thief had a key to gain access.”

Keep in mind that some locks come with a single access code for all users, while others offer up to 1,000 unique codes.

If your business has many employees accessing secure areas every day, a more advanced solution can simplify the process of controlling access and maintaining a high degree of security.

At ABC we provide ways for managers to make instant changes to their key system through an accompanying software program. This includes the ability to quickly and easily remove a key from the system—an ideal solution for businesses facing high rates of turnover.

In addition to eliminating the expense of re-keying locks, these systems can be easily installed through retrofitting and without the need for hardwiring.

As lock manufacturer Medeco points out, “thirty-percent of all burglaries are unlawful entry without force—meaning the thief had a key to gain access.” Beyond the solutions mentioned above, you can also upgrade your business security system by restricting key duplication without proper permission.

This is all part of Medeco’s key control system, which we’re proud to offer at ABC.

2. Retail Shrinkage Is Keeping Your Business from Growing

Retail shrinkage from staff thefts, fraud and shoplifting can take its toll on any business, but especially smaller retailers without the means to cover the losses. Although the threat of failure might seem like a strong motivation to upgrade a business security system, some retailers overlook the true impact of shrinkage until it’s too late. Or they believe the cost of upgrading will outweigh the money saved.

“Retailers lose more than $44 billion annually due to inventory theft.” (source)

This short-sighted approach only leaves them vulnerable to further loss.

If shrinkage is taking its toll on your business, take comfort in knowing there are a number of simple upgrades and cost-effective retrofits that can help.

From eCylinders and wireless cabinet locks with audit trails, to video surveillance kits for small and medium-sized businesses, our physical security products are scalable, user-friendly and easy-to-install. They also mitigate your exposure to risk and help you comply with building and fire code regulations.

3. False Alarms Are a Common Occurrence

At best, false alarms are a nuisance. At worst, they can compromise the security of your business over time. False-alarm triggers range from inadequate employee training to errant branches.

If the solution to your problem requires more than a little yard work, you may want to consider an upgrade. With outdated technology such as analog signals used in old motion detectors, false alarms are more likely due to the lower signal quality. Put simply, the system has a hard time separating true security threats from minor disturbances.

Digital motion detectors combat this problem by removing saturation and noise from the signal. However, not all motion detectors branded as “digital” are created equal. Some still use an analog amplifier prior to the digital processing stage, causing data to be lost along the way.

On the other end of the spectrum, Paradox equips its line of motion detectors with a digital amplifier and processor, not to mention a few other innovative features for more reliable security. The result? Higher accuracy and fewer false alarms.

4. Insurance Is Getting Expensive

Much like having a clean driving record, improving the safety and security of your business can help you cut insurance costs. High premiums might be an indicator that your business suffers from unusually high exposure to risk, or that your security system isn’t up to par.

Installing a brand new intrusion detection or video surveillance system won’t guarantee lower rates, but most insurers will recognize your commitment to lowering risk by providing a discount.

Before you invest in a new business security system, it’s a good idea talk to your insurance provider.

5. Your Current System Is High Maintenance

Knowing when to cut your losses on an old and inefficient business security system can be tough, especially after years of faithful service. If you find yourself investing more and more into maintenance, that time could be now.

Fortunately many modern solutions are not only easy to install and use, they’re durable and low maintenance too. Switching to drill- and pick-resistant locks, for example, can save your business money on repair and replacement, while upgrading to vandal-proof or weather-resistant security cameras can provide many years of reliable, high-definition video for your business.


For a faster and more cost-effective way to upgrade your business’s physical security, we can recommend a number of retrofits. Of course, we also know these solutions only make business sense if they provide reliable security and come with flexible options such as easy expansions and integrations.

That’s why we like to consult closely with our clients and get a detailed understanding of their physical security needs—for now and the future. Talk to us for ideas on how to upgrade your security system, in a way that makes sense for your business.

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