Five Ways Modern Multi-Family Lock Solutions Make Life Easier

For managers of multi-family properties such as apartments and condos, there’s no such thing as a day off. Balancing the security of residents and facilities with access convenience is a full-time job—and sometimes a thankless one.

In honour of Family Day (coming up on February 20 in Ontario), we’ll look at how modern multi-family locking and access control solutions can make life at least a little bit easier for these unsung heroes.

1. Increase Resident Safety and Security

Security sits top of mind for most residential property managers, and for good reason. Not only does a secure property benefit current residents and guests, it helps attract future tenants, lower insurance costs and mitigate risk.

The challenge lies in how to boost security in the most cost-effective and future-proof way. No easy feat.

Fortunately, modern access control solutions from the likes of Yale deliver the best of both worlds. With wireless cloud-based systems, you can quickly and easily upgrade security across your entire facility without costly integrations or retrofits.

Yale Multi-Family Lock and Access Control Products

Yale Multi-Family Lock Solutions include Accentra software, Credential Updater and nexTouch Keypad Lock

The most popular features of today’s multi-family access control solutions include:

  • Keyless entry
  • Lock audit trails stored on the credential
  • Role-based access rights (residents, visitors and staff)
  • High-security lock hardware (electronic deadbolts, cylindrical locks)
  • Encrypted cloud-based storage of data
  • Privacy buttons to prevent unwanted access from the outside
  • Ability to revoke user access remotely, in real time

With Yale’s multi-family lock solutions you can control access to exterior doors, common areas and individual residences. For residents, the added sense of security comes with convenience thanks to a single credential to access each area.

2. Reduce Maintenance Costs

The next-generation technology in these products is also designed to cut operating costs by helping you manage security more efficiently. On the hardware side, tamper-proof and weather-resistant lock components bring longevity and reliability, with convenient retrofit options.

Among other things, today’s multi-family access control solutions let you stop paying for:

  • Rekeying locks and replacing lost keys
  • Maintaining complex IT equipment
  • Running wires for installation
  • Handling late-night lockouts or emergency access needs
  • Onsite servers and data storage systems

The heightened security and remote management capabilities also reduce your reliance on security personnel.

3. Control Access from Wherever You Are

The heart of Yale’s lineup of multi-family lock solutions is Accentra™, a cloud-based software that enables remote access management for multiple sites. Imagine being able to grant or revoke building access any time, from anywhere (poolside included). Or having the power to remotely distribute a one-time PIN when a tenant loses their access credential at 2am.

Using your smartphone or another internet-connected device, you can manage access to exterior doors, common areas and residential units.

Accentra™ integrates with your facility’s locks for real-time communication and management within a user-friendly interface. Using your smartphone or another internet-connected device, you can manage access to exterior doors, common areas and residential units.

The software also integrates with Yale’s Credential Updater, so you can view audit trails from individual credentials, activate new credentials and more.

4. Manage Delinquent Tenants

In a perfect world, rent would always be paid on time and residents and property managers would live together in harmony. Reality, however, tends to play out differently.

Technology to the rescue.

With the evolution of multi-family access control, technology is simplifying an unpleasant part of the job for property managers and owners. Yale’s series of multi-family solutions includes the ability revoke access to common areas until residents have paid their outstanding rent—a simple, efficient way to resolve issues of non-payment while keeping the peace.

Yale access control

Once payment has been received, restoring access is quick and easy thanks to the credential updater.

5. Stay Flexible, Stay Secure

Whether it means adapting to new accessibility laws, integrating with complementary solutions or expanding the scale of the system, you want to know that the access control solution you choose is going to bring value for many years to come.

Yale’s multi-family locks let you manage access to your property your way—today and in the future

Put simply, the rapid pace of change in technology demands flexibility. That’s where scalable and expandable access control solutions can make life easier for managers of multi-family properties such as apartments and condominiums.

This flexibility not only leads to greater longevity, it gives property managers and owners peace of mind knowing that the security and access solutions they implement can adapt to new requirements.

Yale’s multi-family locks let you manage access to your property your way—today and in the future. Industry-leading electronic and mechanical solutions make integrations easier than ever, while modern wireless components enable quick, painless expansions.


Whether you’re responsible for one property or many, dozens of residents or hundreds, chances are you’re due for a much-needed day off.

So here’s hoping this Family Day is a relaxing one for you. And if you aren’t already taking advantage of a multi-family lock solution, we’d love to introduce you to some exciting new products.

They might just make your life a whole lot easier.

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