Customized Access Control and Security Integration for a Toronto Condo: A Case Study

before and after mircom intercom installation in condo

As Toronto’s booming real-estate market pushes more people toward high-rise living, condo security is becoming a stronger point of interest for residents and building managers. It’s also something we have lots of experience with at ABC Security.

We recently designed and implemented a custom access control solution at a high-end condominium complex in downtown Toronto. Although condo security was a top priority, the solution had to complement the building’s upscale aesthetic, provide convenient access for residents and guests, and make life easier for security staff.

This is the story of how we accomplished that.

installation plans for Mircom intercom installation

Installation plans for the Mircom TX3 Touch intercom system. Positioning was considered carefully for optimal user friendliness.

The Client

Since its inception in 1968 as a service provider for Tridel, DEL Property Management has grown into a leading manager of condominium houses across the Greater Toronto Area. Today, DEL manages more than 62,000 condo units for multiple builders.

The Challenge

DEL prides itself on providing a high level of service to community residents. That includes robust security and the convenience afforded by today’s most advanced access control solutions.

At one of the company’s properties, a three-tower condominium complex in downtown Toronto, management decided it was time to upgrade the existing visitor intercom system from the electronic scrolling directory format to a fully interactive networked touchscreen system.

The biggest challenge came in the high degree of customization required—something that ultimately led to ABC being awarded the contract.

The Solution

Not only did the project call for a full panel replacement and upgrade, but also a complete renovation of the existing wall surfaces to accommodate the new build-out kiosk that would house the touchscreen intercom units.

A visual mockup shows the Mircom system's positioning within the condo's front entryway.

A visual mockup shows the Mircom system’s positioning within the condo’s front entryway.

This highly customized solution included relocating the existing card readers into the new touch enclosures, installing video security cameras inside the enclosures and networking all three entrances for centralized control and management via the software located at the centralized security office.

We executed the project entirely in-house with our internal resources; no sub-contractors were brought in for any portion. As a result we were able to pass along additional cost savings to the client.

From wall modification to systems integration, custom kiosk enclosure design to the final finish work (drywall, patch, custom stainless steel plating, paint and more), this project demonstrates our ability to provide custom engineered solutions.

Products Used on This Project

We carefully chose each system component to meet the specialized requirements of the client and allow for user-friendly management.

Products featured in this project include the Mircom TX3 Touch-F22 telephone access system; HID card reader; and WatchNet 8 Channel PoE NVR.

Products featured in this project include the Mircom TX3 Touch-F22 telephone access system; HID card reader; and WatchNet 8 Channel PoE NVR.

Feedback from the Client

The client is very happy with the finished results, and we are proud to have received approvals for additional security-system work in the same building.

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