Five Access Control Products that Prove Energy Efficiency and Performance Can Co-Exist

green lightbulb symbolizing energy efficiency

Celebrated in 178 countries with more than 6,600 unique events, the 2016 edition of Earth Hour is being hailed the biggest and most successful yet. Even the International Space Station got in on the energy-saving action. And although some complain that conservation is something to be practiced every day—not just once a year—the enduring popularity of Earth Hour proves the message isn’t falling on deaf ears.

Progress is happening across all industries, including access control and physical security. In fact, some of the industry’s most innovative product manufacturers have made the environment a top priority. It’s about more than slick marketing strategies or even potato-powered security locks. It’s about rethinking the way business is done.

Brands like ASSA ABLOY, Medeco, HID GLOBAL and Adams Rite emphasize sustainability and energy efficiency during their design and manufacturing processes—finding ways to reduce their environmental impact while saving customers money. All without sacrificing reliability or performance, of course.

And that’s where this list comes in.

In honour of Earth Day and the ongoing fight against climate change, we’re highlighting the most innovative, energy-efficient products in the world of physical security and access control systems.

1. Besam Low-Energy Automatic Door Operators

Considering how popular automatic doors have become, it’s easy to forget the financial and environmental impact of each operation. Over the course of a single day that number can become dizzyingly high, especially in high-traffic areas like shopping malls and hospitals.

Besam’s low-energy automatic door openers are designed to ease that burden. Intelligent features give facility managers plenty of options, including adjustable speeds, power assist and stack pressure compensation, while the low-power operation is quiet and—most importantly—reliable.


Besam PowerSwing Low-Energy Automatic Door Operator


As an added benefit, these automatic swing door operators can help control heating and cooling costs when properly installed, maintained and adapted to your specific environment.

2. TRENDnet POE+ Switches

TRENDnet’s line of POE+ Switches, available in 8 and 16 port variations, features its proprietary GREENnet technology, which can reduce energy costs by as much as 75% when not in use. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the switches automatically enter into standby mode and dramatically reduce power consumption.


TRENDnet POE+ Switches (8 port model)

3. BEA Door Sensors

Another innovation in the field of automatic doors, BEA’s Eagle sensors have a sophisticated motion tracking system that conserves energy through the use of a unidirectional radar. By distinguishing between approaching and departing movements, the radar can tell the door to close sooner once it has determined a person is leaving—preventing heated or cooled air from literally escaping out the door.


BEA Sensors – The Eagle

4. SELECT Continuous Hinges

The outstanding durability of SELECT continuous hinges makes them a valuable and sustainable component for any high-traffic door. Able to withstand 25 million cycles, these aluminum geared hinges can last for 50 years—resulting in a longer product lifecycle and a lower-impact manufacturing process over other hinges.

A win for your facility and the environment.

5. HID Smartcard Readers

A leader in smartcard technology, HID Global put sustainability and energy-efficiency front and center in the design of its iCLASS SE readers. In addition to being made with recycled content, these innovative smartcard readers use intelligent power management, which can reduce power consumption by up to 75%.

HID Global smartcard readers

HID Global Smartcard Readers


At ABC we know that energy-efficiency just makes sense. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to source our products from the most innovative names in physical security and access control systems—manufacturers who know how to balance the needs of your business with the needs of the environment.

We’d love to hear about your facility’s energy conservation efforts and how we can help you achieve your goals and save you money. Call us or contact us online to get in touch with a trusted ABC representative today.

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