The Importance of Scheduled Maintenance for Physical Security and Access Control Systems

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From simple mechanical components to advanced technologies, modern access control and security systems have maintenance needs that are as diverse as the facilities they serve. What ties them together is the importance of taking a proactive approach to maintenance.

Here’s why it pays to think ahead:

1. Stay informed, stay protected

Nobody wants to be surprised by a malfunctioning automatic door on the busiest shopping day of the year, or by a security camera that failed when it was needed most. Aside from the obvious threats to security and customer convenience, these breakdowns can also increase a facility’s exposure to liability and loss—the cost of which can dwarf even the highest maintenance fees.

In many cases issues develop gradually over time with repeated use. This holds true for mechanical and electronic parts.

Scheduled maintenance of your security or access control system ensures these issues are found and remedied before they turn into something more serious. Or more costly.

2. Maintain peak performance

The rise of energy-efficient access control products shows a change in mindset among facility managers and business owners. Whether the motivation is to save energy or to save money (or both), these products deliver the greatest return on investment when they’re running at peak performance.

Low-energy automatic doors are probably the best-known example. Considering how often a single series of automatic doors can be used in a day—especially in high-traffic buildings such as shopping malls—it’s easy to imagine how individual parts can start to decline in performance over time.

Regular inspections and maintenance ensure everything from the door sensor and motor to the closer and mechanical components are running at their most efficient.

3. Avoid nasty surprises and unnecessary costs

In the face of strict budgets and the unpredictability that comes with managing a facility, scheduled maintenance plans provide a level of cost certainty that’s hard to find elsewhere today.

With regular maintenance you can not only better manage your budget, you can reduce or even eliminate costly emergency service calls.

Maybe most importantly, you get peace of mind knowing that you’ll never have to face lengthy disruptions to security or to the convenience and safety of those using your facility.

4. Protect your investment by getting the most out of your system

Whether your system is simple or complex, new or old, you want to get the most out of it. A well-designed maintenance plan can help you do just that, with the added benefit of highlighting cost-effective improvements along the way for even longer-lasting and more reliable performance.

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And although scheduled maintenance won’t fix a poor access control or security system, it does provide you with a regular checkup on the health of the system’s components—from hardware and mechanical parts to software and power supply.

This report gives you detailed, objective insight from a qualified technician, so you can make an informed decision about whether to upgrade or simply maintain.


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