Top 4 Characteristics of High-Security Locks

If you’ve ever shopped for residential or commercial locks then you’ve probably heard the term “high-security.” You might have even dismissed it as industry jargon or a marketing buzzword. But high-security locks actually earn that title with

The Ins and Outs of Parking Lot Security

As parking lots and garages overflow in the lead up to Christmas, many retailers, facility managers and security personnel are turning their focus inside to combat holiday shrink from activities like shoplifting and return fraud. But it’s also

Does Your Facility Need a PTZ Security Camera?

When deployed in the right setting, with the right supporting technology, a PTZ security camera can make a valuable addition to an existing video surveillance system. But as with any area of physical security, choosing the right product means weighin

Top Five Benefits of Keyless Entry Door Locks

Often associated with vehicles, keyless door entry is also changing the way we access buildings and interact with public and private spaces. This convenient and time-saving technology isn’t new (relatively speaking), but you might be less familiar

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